March 8, 2019

Exceeding Expectations

After routine surgery for a pinched nerve, Les Marlow’s spine developed kyphosis, and his neck started to fall forward. The condition was so severe that he could no longer take daily walks, play golf or do many other routine tasks. The x-ray of his neck shows just how bad it was. He was told he needed to see a specialist and found one just a few miles from home at UAMS. Dr. Noojan Kazemi, a UAMS neurosurgeon, performed a complex surgery to repair his spine last September, and the improvement was immediate. After a three-week recovery at home, he returned to his normal routine with a new outlook on life.

“I had not been to UAMS before I went to Dr. Kazemi, and everything was better than expected. There is no reason for anyone to go anywhere other than UAMS.”
– Les Marlow, Little Rock