March 8, 2019

Kevin Crass and UAMS Come Full Circle

Kevin A. Crass Partner, Friday, Eldredge & Clark, LLP, UAMS Foundation Fund Board, Chair 2012-14.

UAMS Patient Kevin A. Crass

My introduction to UAMS began in 1999 when I came upon an auto accident in downtown Little Rock and discovered our close family friend, Christy Snowden, badly injured. The Emergency Medical Technician asked me what hospital should be chosen. I asked the EMT for a recommendation and she said UAMS. The physicians at UAMS saved Christy’s life.

Years later an ambulance took our son to the UAMS Emergency Department following an auto accident, where we anxiously stood by in a comfortable waiting room named in honor of Christy Snowden. Our son received great care and made a full recovery. In the interim, Christy’s mother, Judy Snowden, asked to me to join the UAMS Foundation Fund Board, which has enabled me to learn even more about the history and mission of UAMS and its world-class staff and facilities.

We are truly blessed to have UAMS in our state, and I am grateful to those who had the vision and ability to make it what it is today.

Kevin A. Crass
Partner, Friday, Eldredge & Clark, LLP
UAMS Foundation Fund Board, Chair 2012-14
UAMS Chancellor’s Circle