March 8, 2019

Taking Steps Toward a Cure

Angel McVay, UAMS Breast Cancer patient.

Angel McVay was a busy wife, mother, business owner, photographer, and yoga instructor. Luckily, she took time for a breast self-exam last summer and went to a UAMS Neighborhood Clinic immediately after noticing a suspicious lump. She was referred to the Breast Center at UAMS for a mammogram the following day, and then a biopsy, which showed she had invasive ductal carcinoma.

Further testing showed she has the BRCA2 mutation and the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and her spine and pelvis. As a healthy 32-year-old, she was a good candidate for aggressive treatment that included four months of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. Eight months after her diagnosis, her scans were clear. Angel’s grandmother is a 35-year breast cancer survivor. With the advancements in treatment being made now, Angel is planning to be at least a 75-year survivor.

“Dr. Makhoul was there every step of the way, and the entire medical team at UAMS was incredibly kind and helpful. Having experienced the advanced care available today, thanks in part to participants in the Race for the Cure, I believe we can have both quality of life and quantity.”
– Angel McVay, Little Rock