March 8, 2019

Beating Colon Cancer

Former Arkansas Senator Paul Miller, UAMS Colon Cancer patient.

Former Arkansas Senator Paul Miller of Melbourne is not your average senior citizen. At age 79, the retired auto dealer, realtor, farmer and coach was in great shape and still running four miles regularly. His diabetes was well-managed, and he had no complaints about his health. Then, about a year ago, he started having severe stomach pains. His local doctor ordered a colonoscopy, which indicated there may be cancer.

Miller was then referred to Dr. Jason Mizell, a surgeon at UAMS. Mizell performed surgery to remove the cancerous portion of Miller’s colon and reconnect it, and Miller was back home after a three-day hospital stay. Because the cancer was caught early, he didn’t need chemotherapy or radiation.

“Because I was in good health, I didn’t really think about getting a colonoscopy. I’m glad I did, and I encourage everyone else to have this procedure. If they find something, go to Dr. Mizell and UAMS.”
– Paul Miller, Melbourn