March 8, 2019

UAMS Audiologist Opens Up Whole New World for Patient

At UAMS, we practice our mission of proving personalized service for our patients. When Jack Heinritz came to UAMS, he expected a simple examination and instead received individualized care that instantly made a difference in his hearing.

Jack had purchased hearing aids from another clinic and needed an examination to check the operation of his hearing aids. Unaware that many clinics do not customize hearing aids and sell hearing aids set at factory default settings, Jack was immediately impressed with UAMS’ approach to his situation.

When a specialist at the UAMS Audiology Clinic performed a thorough examination, he discovered that improvements were needed to maximize the effectiveness of the hearing aids. Based on Jack’s hearing test results, the specialist was able to reset the hearing aids. “It was like a whole new world for me,” Jack said. “I could hear things that I couldn’t hear despite the fact that I had just spent $7,000 on a pair of hearing aids.”

Jack received the personalized care that he needed when UAMS was willing to go beyond what was asked.