March 8, 2019

Will reading in dim light ruin your eyesight?

Will reading in dim light ruin your eyesight?

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As a rule, you cannot damage your eyes by using them, according to Nicola Kim, M.D., an assistant professor of ophthalmology at UAMS’ Jones Eye Institute. “There are a few specific exceptions, like looking directly into sunlight and laser light, but other than this, reading in dim or bright light will not change the health or function of your eyes.

“It may feel more difficult to focus if the lighting is suboptimal, but this has no permanent effect on the structure of your eyes,” said Dr. Kim. “In addition, any challenging visual activity will generally decrease a person’s blink rate and lead to discomfort from drying. This is obviously temporary and easily treated with lubricating eyedrops. Likewise, sitting too close or too far from the TV will also have no permanent effect on your vision.”

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