March 8, 2019

Will feeding a child a lot of candy or food with a lot of sugar in it make children hyperactive?

Will feeding children candy or food with high sugar content make children hyperactive?

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No evidence exists that feeding children a high-sugar diet will induce hyperactivity, despite the common belief that it does, according to Dr. Bryan Burke, an associate professor of General Pediatrics and Neonatology at UAMS.

“By the same token I kind of like this old wives’ tale, despite it being wrong, because a high-sugar diet has its own problems even if you discount hyperactivity. Our children are living in an age conducive to obesity – how could one ever argue against decreasing an excessive amount of dietary sugar?”

Dr. Burke warns parents not to worry just about their children’s sugar intake. “An excessive amount of fat can just as easily make one overweight. Moderation in all things is the best advice.”

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