March 8, 2019

Is taking fish oil tablets good for your heart?

Is taking fish oil tablets good for your heart?

Fish Oil Tablets

The belief that taking fish oil will protect you from heart disease and arthritis may just be a fish tale, according to Dr. J. L. Mehta, Stebbins Chair of Cardiology at UAMS.

“There is experimental data showing that large amounts of fish oil constituents may reduce the chance of sudden cardiac death but evidence for this in humans is weak,” says Dr. Mehta. “Some other constituents of fish (also found in other oils and vegetables and meats) are necessary for brain development in the newborn. The Mediterranean diet, which is rich in fish, has been found helpful in patients with previous heart attacks, but this diet is also rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and contains large amounts of nuts. I doubt that taking one or two capsules of fish oil daily will protect you against heart disease.”

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