Clinical Trials

Opportunities for improved medical care don’t just happen. They become available through cutting edge research into trial drugs, procedures, equipment and devices.

For both patients and doctors, trials offer a chance to gain access to new experimental drugs or procedures and devices before they are commonly available.

Doctors and scientists at the UAMS conduct medical research to find new and better ways to fight diseases and to treat patients effectively. Many of our studies test new drugs that may, one day, treat or prevent devastating diseases. Other studies look into community health care needs to develop new medical equipment and devices. Still others work to improve the function of hospitals and emergency rooms.

Are you interested in volunteering for research projects? Register with UAMS Volunteer Registry to find studies that you may be interested in and how you can start volunteering.

At UAMS, Clinical Research is just another way we are working toward improving the health of patients throughout Arkansas and the world.

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